Meet Ed On reading. On writing. On life.

When I first launched this site, my bio was written in third person. I wanted to be “a real author,” and that’s what I thought “real authors” did. It seemed I was taking myself a little too seriously, so I put an end to all that. Most — though not all — of what you read on this site was published by me, so why pretend my bio was written by anyone else?

A little background about me: I’m happily married, living with my beautiful wife and our mini Aussie in Southeast Michigan. I’m a project manager and a writer, though only one of those pays the bills (I’ll let you guess which). Raised in Royal Oak, Michigan, I bled blue my entire life and went to the University of Michigan for college, after receiving an offer to walk-on to the football team (which didn’t go well…see: Rich Rod era).

The one thing I started taking more seriously in college (because it wasn’t showing up to lectures on time) was my writing. Ann Arbor is where I completed my first novel, though it was never published. That’s also where I started writing Between Two Slopes near the end of my senior year.

Since I graduated I’ve held a few “real” jobs and continued writing, publishing two novellas in Somewhere More Than Free, along with a short story collection, In a Northern Town.

I will apologize now if my writing seems a little regional at first — I kind of have this affinity for northern Michigan. (If you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you’re welcome for the vacation suggestion.) Despite these settings, the overarching themes are universal — so don’t worry about that.

I’ll also apologize in advance for all my Michigan football tweets (another one of those “affinities” of mine…plus I do some sports writing for

Hope you find all the stuff I write valuable or interesting or at least distracting from the annoying guy at work.