The first two books like you’ve never seen them before

Introducing the brand new redesigned covers for the Amazon bestselling young adult book SOMEWHERE MORE THAN FREE and BETWEEN TWO SLOPES.

Also, these two books are now available for the first time ever on Kindle!


final_smtf-3d-coverTravel from the untouched forests of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the mysterious mountains of eastern Tennessee in this pair of stirring novellas.

TO THE LAND OF NOD follows Mason Clark, a twenty-six-year-old living in the northern Michigan woods. Mason carries with him a dark secret that he has never entrusted to another soul. Every day he takes one step closer to leaving this secret in the past, where it belongs, where it came from. But one day, Mason’s past shows up in Marquette. It’s the day he’s dreaded for six years. He must now face his sins head on.

In THE HILLS OF MERCY, fifteen-year-old Claire Simon’s story begins fishing on a riverbank with Davey, her longtime neighbor and best friend. That’s the moment to which her mind often returns, because innocence and ignorance are bliss. Something’s been missing from Claire’s life. It’s the key to everything she’s ever wanted. But as she digs deeper into this unknown, dragging her friends down with her, she soon realizes there are some questions better left unanswered.


3d-bts-cover-2Deemed altogether a ‘complex’ yet ‘relatable’ debut novel, Between Two Slopes tells the story of one Northern Michigan family’s struggle to reunite following a devastating tragedy.

It has been a year since 15-year-old Allison and 18-year-old Allen lost their mother and older brother. Along with their father, they must now finally face the cruel reality of life after loss. But with their father losing his job, Allen struggling to plant himself back into law-abiding society, and Allison secretly sneaking off with her late brother’s best friend, this may be more difficult than anyone could have imagined.

Weaving death and danger, desperation and desire, Murray travels the path of one family’s fight to find happiness when the valley of despair seems too steep to climb out.

Set in beautiful Cheboygan, Michigan, Between Two Slopes puts the responsibility on the survivors to keep the loss of loved ones from destroying an entire family.



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