Ed A. Murray’s original collection of short stories, all of which are centered around the rugged yet beautiful landscape of northern Michigan, is now available in paperback and on Kindle.

Pick up your copy of IN A NORTHERN TOWN today on Kindle or in paperback!

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From the author of Between Two Slopes and Somewhere More Than Free comes a collection of short stories that spans the stunning and vast landscape of northern Michigan.

In a Northern Town follows the characters who reside in this often-overlooked region as they navigate their way through journeys of grief to find their own means of escape. The stories begin and end with brutally honest personalities: an old fisherman living in isolation on the shores of Lake Huron, a teenage girl who must confront her mysterious father, young brothers who find themselves caught between two evils, and a reclusive author who grants a reporter the first interview since her lone bestseller more than two decades ago.

Share in the triumph, pain and loss of innocence that these characters experience in some of the most richly painted tales that could speak for any corner of rural America.

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