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Need a freelance writer to help populate your blog with new and engaging content? Finally ready to write that book? Looking for someone to help edit your manuscript and get it ready for publishing?

Everyone has a story to tell. Let me help you tell yours.

Investing in content marketing means:

  • Improved SEO, leading to an increase in website traffic
  • Greater brand recognition amongst customers
  • Driving more leads and sales to your products or services
  • Being regarded as a voice of authority in your industry

What are my credentials?

  • Majored in communications at the University of Michigan, where I was mentored by professional journalists and novelists.
  • Contributing sportswriter for SB Nation, the University of Michigan and the Big Ten Conference.
  • Published multiple books of fiction, including a novel, two novellas and a short story collection.
  • Ghostwriter for several books across genres, including memoir, young adult, suspense and romance.
  • Marketing manager in the entertainment industry, working with clients such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble.
  • Marketing consultant in the tech industry, specializing in mobile apps.
  • Account manager and marketer in the public health & wellness industry.

Types of writing:

  • Online blog posts to help improve SEO and drive traffic. Topics include blogging, books, publishing, digital marketing, entertainment, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, automotive, retail and more.
  • Books and ebooks, with genres including literary fiction, nonfiction, memoir, young adult and more.
  • Sports articles for the NCAA and professional leagues, specializing in football, basketball, baseball and soccer.

Freelance Writing

The most successful businesses invest in content marketing. With this strategy comes the need to formulate unique, creative and engaging blog posts or online articles. Let me help with yours.

Freelance Editing

Since the idea first popped into your head, you have carried the story inside of you. You have spent hours poring over the pages of your manuscript. Let me help you get it ready to publish.

Want to know more? Ready to start? You can find me on the world’s most popular freelance sites.

Let’s collaborate. Let’s tell your story.

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