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Ed A. Murray is an author, freelance writer, content marketer and blogger dedicated to a life of impactful storytelling.

By senior year of high school, he was spending the majority of his time in the back row of class writing prose on loose leaf paper. Summer jobs landscaping and working on ferry boats in the Great Lakes helped him realize that, while he loved the natural world, he needed to pursue his passion for storytelling.

An offer to walk-on to the University of Michigan football team took him to Ann Arbor, but his passion for writing continued to motivate him. While at Michigan, he spent time as an editorial assistant in the Athletic Department, where he learned the importance of clear and succinct language. He also wrote articles for the Big Ten Conference and was a staff writer for SB Nation’s Michigan affiliate site.

The lasting impact of his college years were his studies under some of the country’s greatest writing talents, including novelists Peter Ho Davies and Natalie Bakopoulos, along with fiction editor Jeremiah Chamberlin. Over the course of his sophomore year, Murray penned his first apprentice novel.

His first published novel, Between Two Slopes, came a year after earning his degree from Michigan. Since then, he has also published a book of novellas, Somewhere More Than Free, and a collection of short stories, In a Northern Town.

In addition to freelance writing, Murray has spent a number of years in sales and marketing roles for companies such as the Detroit Tigers and Starz. He has worked in the sports, entertainment, automotive, mobile app and health & wellness industries, managing relationships with clients such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble, among others. This valuable experience has allowed him to broaden his knowledge for crafting unique and insightful content.

Two professional conferences changed Murray’s outlook on writing and its place in the 21st century. The first was hosted by Baker & Taylor, the renowned book distributor. There, bestselling author Sara Gruen spoke about her book At the Water’s Edge and what it took to become a successful author. The second was the Digital Summit, a traveling digital marketing conference. Over two days, dozens of speakers from a range of industries shared insights into digital and content marketing strategies, emphasizing the power that engaging writing can have for a brand.

Murray currently lives in Southeast Michigan with his beautiful wife and daughter. He writes for them.



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